Turn A Buyers No Into A Yes With These 6 Simple House Features

When trying to sell a house you need to be able to appeal to your potential buyers. This sometimes means tailoring the selling process to the individual needs and desires in order to help them envision your home as a place they would want to live. Often times this can be accomplished by adding simple features that can help take your house from blah to bam!


Gourmet kitchens are now becoming a must when selling a home. This is because that about 53% of young buyers that were surveyed noted they had an interest in gourmet kitchens. Since they represent the new wave of potential real estate clients, it’s clear that gourmet kitchens are not going to lose their appeal anytime soon. And in fact should be focused upon. After all, the kitchen is an integral part of a living space and is definitely a place that needs to impress. It’s where you eat, entertain guests, prepare dinner, and is one of the first runs will spend time and after a long day. A few common gourmet kitchen features are a convection oven, and microwave drawer, stone or stainless steel countertops, and a spacious pantry.

Having an open floor space is also a huge selling point for most buyers. It opens up the home, and prevents feelings of claustrophobia. As well as provides an extremely accommodating space to host guests.

A backyard deck is also a great feature to add when trying to turn that no into a yes. A backyard deck is great for relaxation and entertaining and provides yet another space to eat during warmer months. Often times composite deck materials are preferred among buyers as opposed to wood decks because they require less maintenance. Yet, still have a similar appearance. Built-in decks and split-level bags are also appealing. Regardless, any decently sized deck will certainly be a bonus added feature that homebuyers will eat up.

Crown molding is a beautiful decorative feature that adds character throughout the house, while giving it that “finished” look. It gives a home the feeling of elegance and leaves the impression that the home was well crafted and is solid.

Vegetable gardens are now starting to become the norm in many households. Regardless of whether you’re selling to a millennial or grandma, vegetable gardens coincide with a long and healthy lifestyle. Plus with the rising cost and demand of organic products, starting a garden can help ease a pocketbook while still being able to enjoy Mother Nature’s bounty.


Including regional accommodations is also a big selling point. For example, if you live in an area that experiences heavy winds and severe storms. Having a fortified garage door that can withstand such things will be well received, and have a major impact on a homebuyers decision-making process.

One other way you can help better promote your house, without necessarily making any improvements to it directly. Is by utilizing the web to help sell your home. For instance, there are tools out there, such as Real Estate Virtual Tours, that can help buyers fall in love with your home before even stepping foot inside of it. These Real Estate Virtual Tours give the prospective buyer the ability to see what your house has to offer, without them ever leaving their house. Which can save you time and money in the end, by weeding out the non-serious buyers.

All of these options and features when utilized could leave potential homeowners fighting over your house. Which makes your home more desirable and will ultimately help you turn that no into a yes!